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Measuring strength in their preparation for Euro 2020, which will be held next year, the teams from Germany and Turkey will play a friendly match this Wednesday, October 7, at the RheinEnergieStadion, in Cologne, from 3:45 pm (Brasília time) .
This is the first date that FIFA (International Football Federation) has reserved for games between post-pandemic teams for real.
In September there was a space for international meetings where, for example, duels from the League of Nations of Europe were held. During the period, however, there was no requirement for clubs to give up their athletes. They could refuse to give up their players.
Now, they do not have this option, since the calendar includes games for the South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup and also worth the last places in Euro 2020 with the playoffs.


Coach Joachim Low will now be able to play with as many players as he wants. In September, at Germany’s debut in the 2020/2021 version of the League of European Nations, he had to deal with vetoes from Bayern Munich and Leipzig. The clubs, who played in the Champions League finals in August, played hard to relinquish their athletes.
With the team weakened, he collected two draws in the first games for the tournament, in which he was relegated in the first edition, but even so he remained in League A, the elite division, after the change of regulations that increased the number of participants.
Against Spain, at home, Germany came out ahead and conceded the tie, by 1 to 1, in the last move of the duel.
Facing Switzerland, this time as visitors, history repeated itself, but in a less dramatic way. The Swiss achieved equality much earlier. However, the Germans, even with time to try the second goal, did not reach their goal.
They didn’t even deserve it, say. The hosts were closer to victory than the visitors.
In the Euro qualifiers, Germany strolled. He took first place in group 7 by accumulating 21 points (seven wins and one loss).
He will play in the final stage of Euro 2020 in group F, which is being considered the most difficult of the tournament. The company is France, the current world champion, and Portugal, the current continental champion. It remains to define the last participant, who will come from the playoffs (recap). The debut will be against the French on June 14. The Germans will face Ukraine on the 10th, away from home, and host Switzerland, on the 13th, in this double round of League of Nations games.

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The Turks had a little more work to reach their place in the final stage of Euro 2020. They got there with the second place in group H. They totaled 23 points (seven wins, two draws and one defeat).
They were surpassed only by France (25 points).
They were inserted in group A of the tournament that will celebrate 60 years of the first Euro Cup. The key also has Switzerland, Italy and Wales. The debut, on June 10, will be against the Italians.
The first post-pandemic games, however, were not very exciting. The team made its first two duels for League B, the Second Division of the League of Nations of Europe version 2020/2021.
Received Hungary and was beaten by 1 to 0.
Result and poor performance. Then, he was in the goalless draw, away from home, against Serbia, who played since the fourth minute of the final tournament with one player less. Kolarov was expelled. After the friendly with Germany, the Turks will face Russia in matches for the League of European Nations away from home on the 11th and host Serbia on the 14th.

Football Prediction of the Day Germany vs Turkey

The game may have a different feature for the selections. For the Germans it is a friendly match. For the Turks, a tone can be seen above as there is a certain animosity on the part of its population towards Germany. This, eventually, can be reflected in the four lines. However, even so, the prognosis for the success of the home owners is the hunch indicated for the friendly of this Wednesday preparatory for Euro 2020.

Bet Tips: Germany
Odds: 1.44


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