Setubal vs Boavista Free Betting Tips 04.11.2019


Setubal – Boavista, match counting for the 10th stage of the Portuguese championship, scheduled on Monday, at 23.00, announces a “closed” because two of the bands with very good defenses meet. Boavista is undefeated, while Setubal has lost only two games, and those with the “giants” Porto and Benfica.
The analysis of the bet can be consulted below.

Setubal: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Setubal (13th place, 9 points, 2-6 goalscorer) is one of the tight end clubs of the championship, with financial problems and a rather thin lot.
◾️So far, in the first 9 stages, 3 coaches, Sandro Mendes (with whom he finished last season), Acacio Santos and, from October, the Cameroonian Albert Meyong Ze, have already joined the technical bench.
◾️But no one has managed to change the characteristics of a team that actually can. Setubal earns its points very hard, mainly due to the defense, because the lack of resources prevented solving the problems of the attack.
◾️He scored only 2 goals in 9 stages, being by far the most inefficient formation in the Primera Liga.
◾️At the same time, until now it was almost impossible to give him a shot. 5 of the 6 collected came from “colossi” Porto (4 goals) and Benfica.
◾️Only the last stage managed another platoon formation to give it a goal.
◾️On his own field, Setubal has an unbelievable goal in 5 matches: 1-0.
◾️This single goal was scored in the second half of the clash with Braga, in the 5th stage.


Boavista: Team shape, news and statistics

◾️Boavista (6th place, 15 points, 9-5 goal) brought the technical bank in January to Lito Vidigal, who ran away from Setubal because of the financial problems there, and from that moment the team began its ascent.
◾️ In the new season, the Porto line-up has built its effectiveness on the defensive.
◾️He did not score too many goals, but he is the only team in Portugal that has not lost so far.
◾️It is true that he did not win many games (only 3 of 9), but in the end the balance is excellent for the possibilities at the moment.
◾️Rarely do the spectators see who knows what show at the Boavista match: in one match there were 3 goals, the first stage won at home 2-1 against the coda Desportivo Aves.
◾️Otherwise, two 0-0 results, another three 1-1, 1-0 and “crown pearl”, 2-0 last stage, with Braga.
◾️On the move, Boavista has a victory and 3 draws in 4 stages.
◾️The total goal of these matches is 3-2, and the break is 0-2. It was 1-1 (0-1) with Guimaraes, 1-0 (0-0) with Belenenses, 0-0 with Gil Vicente, 1-1 (0-1) with Moreirense.

Statistics of direct matches Setubal v Boavista

◽️Boavista has won 3 of the last 4 matches with Setubal: 4-0 in the return of the 2017-2018 season, 1-0 in the return of the 2018-2019 season, 3-0 in the return of the same championship.
◽️4 of the last 6 games ended with a maximum of two goals per table.
◽️In total, there were 36 matches. Setubal won 6, Boavista 16, another 14 ended in a draw.

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This season, 5 of the matches played by Setubal ended with 0-0, two with one goal, one with two goals and another with 4 goals (0-4 with Porto in the second stage).
Boavista had some action, but not by much: only one match out of the 9 counted over two goals (2-1 with Aves in the first stage).

Bet Tips: Total Asian -2
Odds: 1.58



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