Team Heretics vs The Dice CS/GO Prediction Today


Team Heretics meets The Dice in the ESL Championnat National, in the Group Stage.
Matchday 7 will start on 04.05.2020 at 8 p.m.
This series is a C-tier and is organized by ESL France. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is played.
Team Heretics is currently leading the ESL Championnat National with 33 points on 12 maps.
The Dice is on their heels after just as many gambled cards, but with 29 points. In order to provide you with an experienced prediction about the game and well-founded information about the most lucrative betting variants, experts subjected both teams to a detailed analysis.
In the betting tips and forecasts you will also find a odds comparison so that you can get the most out of your betting tips.

Team Heretics CS

The Esports team under their team captain Lucky currently has a very dense game program, in contrast to The Dice, because they are also represented in the ESL One Road to Rio 2020.
For us, however, the results of the ESL Championnat France were essential for the betting tip. You won 11 maps and lost only 1.
182: 89 rounds were gambled, consequently they not only lead the table with 33 points, but also with +103 rounds.
A win of 16: 8 and 16: 2 was possible against Warthox. Against Ncatus a 16: 4 and 16: 8 success.
A 16: 4 and 16: 7 win over APOLOGIS and a 16: 5 and 16: 1 win against Alltech.
They lost 6:16 against LDLC and won 16:11 once. They decided the game against Exalty with 16: 5 and 16: 8. As a result, it can be seen that they almost always stayed under 26 laps. So far they have played on Dust2, Vertigo and Inferno.
Nuke, Mirage, Overpass and Train are still available for the selection of maps.
The Heretics kill-to-death ratio averages 1.12. Your kills per round are at 0.70 on average.
Their headshoot quota is, as with the values ​​before, better than that of team The Dice.
All in all, they should be able to fulfill their role as favorites.

Dice CS

The Dice has only been playing CS: GO matches for a year and have so far been successful in the ESL Championnat.
They also play two tournaments at the same time, namely the ESA Season 34 Advanced Division Europe.
Like the Heretics team, they have had some successes in the recent past. For example, they won five 1st and two 2nd places in 2019 and 2020.
These were C and B tier events. At the French ESL championship they have won 9 maps and lost only 3. 189: 128 rounds were gambled and with 29 points and +61 rounds they took 2nd place in the ESL Championnat table. Nuke, Inferno and Dust2 have played on them so far, but have not only won Dust2, but also lost it once.
At the Championnat they lost to LDLC with 15:19 and 17:19 rounds. Against Exalty there was a 16: 5 win twice and against Alltech they could pass 16:19 and give up 13:16. With 16: 7 and 16: 4 rounds they won against APOLOGIS. With 16:11 and 16: 6 they decided the maps against Ncatus and with 16:12 and 16:14 the maps against Warhtox. It is interesting, especially for a possible CS: GO bet, that The Dice likes to gamble over 26.5 rounds, whereas Team Heretics tends to stay below it. The Kill-to-Death Ratio of The Dice is 0.96 on average, although a player cannot show any of them, if you left them out, the K / D would be 1.15. The headshot rate is much lower than that of Heretics and the kills per round are less than 0.7.
The death per round is also only average at 0.6. At times, they can still show values ​​similar to Heretics, but less experience.
This game should be exciting in any case.

CS/GO Prediction of the Day Team Heretics vs The Dice


We believe a little more in a victory from Team Heretics and therefore recommend a tip 1.
However, the odds are rather low in this winning bet.
We therefore recommend an over / under bet on less than 26.5 rounds 1 map including extension.

Bet Tips: Team Heretics 

Odds: 1.31


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