Team Vitality vs ENCE CS/GO Prediction Today


The Vitality team literally welcomes the 6th ESL One Road to Rio Europe CS: GO game ENCE. On 06.05.2020 at 6.30 p.m., this game will start between a French and a Finnish Esports team.
Vitality is currently at an advantage because they occupy 4th place in group A with 9 points and still have chances to get into the playoffs.
Because they only need 3 points, 6 counters are still played. Of course, they need a little help from marksmen, because the first and second place winners may no longer win, at least one of these teams may no longer win.
ENCE has it harder because they are in 6th place with 6 points. Qualifying for the knockout rounds is only theoretically possible if you look at the situation realistically. In addition, although this pairing occurred frequently, it was often able to gain vitality. You can find out more about the direct duels here on this page after experts have subjected them to a detailed analysis.
We also provide you with an experienced prediction about the game and well-founded information about the most lucrative betting options so that you can get the most out of your betting tips. An extensive quota comparison is of course included.

Team Vitality CS

It is still questionable whether they can already qualify for the ESL One Road to Rio Europe Playoffs with a win, but then they would probably already have a foot in the knockout round.
So far they have won 3 out of 5 games in the ESL One Rio qualification. Namely against fnatic with 2: 1, against Dignitas with 2: 0 and against Complexity with 2: 1.
They lost 0: 2 against Astalis and 1: 2 against NiP.
In the past 3 months they won 47.1% of their games, but only 3 of their last 5. Even if the current lineup played far less maps than ENCE, they had been more successful because they won 16 out of 29 cards and 13 lost. Each map went on average over 25.9 laps. So far, they only played 6 different maps, of which Nuke was only 42.9% won.
They decided Inferno and Dust2 to 50% and Overpass and Mirage to over 66%. Vertigo have always won so far, but they only used this card twice. So far they have played Dust2 most often before Nuke.
The kill-to-death ratio of the current team is 1.00.
Vitality’s 1.0 rating is 0.98. This means that they are only one step ahead of ENCE.
Exciting prerequisites for the upcoming encounter.
Between March 15th, 2019 and March 19th, 2020 there were 21 maps that these two Esports teams played against each other.
The French won 13 and the Finns 8 cards. Vitality won 8 out of 10 games. 5 of these games spanned 3 maps.
The French have won 4 out of the last 6 cards. Dust2, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke and Overpass have been gambled so far.
In addition, there was twice an overtime. 13 of 21 maps were decided in over 26 rounds.
Vitality has also won 4 maps more often in the last 3 months, whereas ENCE has only decided 3 maps more often.
Mirage, Nuke, Overpass and Vertigo booked the French and Dust2, Inferno and Train the Finns.
ZywOo, the strongest player from Vitality, is superior in all points to allu, the best gamer from ENCE.
Accordingly, nothing should stand in the way of another victory for Vitality.


So that they still had the spark of an opportunity to progress on their ESL One Road to Rio 2020 route, they would have to win and hope for a lot of support in the parallel games.
The fact is that they have only won 2 out of 5 games in this qualification, namely 2: 0 against fnatic and 2: 1 against Dignitas.
They lost 1: 2 against Complexity and NiP and 0: 2 against Heretics. After all, they won 43.8% of their games in the past 3 months and decided all of the last 5 games.
The current lineup gambled more games than Vitality’s, but they won less often. They decided 36 out of 89 maps and lost 51. Each map was roughly decided in 26.58 rounds.
So far they have only used 6 different maps. They won Nuke only 23.1% and Inferno 31.2%. Overpass, Dust2 and Mirage won over 42% and Train won 50%.
They also played Train most often before Inferno.
The current lineup has a kill-to-death ratio of 0.94. The current team’s 1.0 rating is 0.938. In this, too, they are somewhat inferior to Vitality, if only by a hint.
A win should be difficult for the Finns.

CS/GO Prediction of the Day Team Vitality CS vs ENCE CS

We assume that the Vitality team will win and can recommend Tip 1 to you.
Because of the odds, this winning bet is only suitable for a combination bet or system bet.
We therefore recommend an over / under bet on over 2.5 maps.
We would also bet on less than 26.5 laps 1 map.
A tip 1 on 2 map winner and a tip 2 on 1 map winner are also available, whereby the latter bet variant is to be understood as an outsider bet.
A placement on 2: 1 as a result bet is an ideal alternative to the previously mentioned betting variants.

Bet Tips: Team Vitality CS 

Odds: 1.48


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